Faculty and Staff Directory


TITLE FACULTY EMAIL all  end with @stjohnacademy.org
Headmaster 1.    Mr. Michael Busekrus mbusekrus@stjohnacademy.org
Pre-School       2.    Mrs. Trish Loria tloria@stjohnacademy.org
Pre-Kindergarten & Pre-School Director 3.    Mrs. Debra Balint dbalint@stjohnacademy.org
Kindergarten       4.    Mrs. Irene Perez iperez@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 1                          5.    Ms. Katherine Hammond khammond@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 2   6.    Ms. Kelsey Weber kweber@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 3        7.    Mrs. Laura Glaser lglaser@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 4      8.    Miss. Jenna Gubbels jgubbels@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 5 9.    Mrs. Elizabeth (Beth) Gallagher egallagher@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 6 A & Language Arts 10. Ms. Rebecca Zwisler rzwisler@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 7 & Literature 11. Ms. Kathy Blanchard kblanchard@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 8A & Social Studies 6-8 12. Mrs. Fran Keating fkeating@stjohnacademy.org
Grade 8B,  Math 6-8 Algebra & Honors Lit 13. Mr. Norman Philion nphilion@stjohnacademy.org
Art and Resource Team 14. Mrs. Terri White

15. Mrs. Vivian Grady



Athletic Director 16. Mr. John Ganther jganther@stjohnacademy.org
Computer Science 17. Mrs. Jessica Maleski jmaleski@stjohnacademy.org
Library 18. Mrs. Carolyn Lundberg and

19. Mrs. Annie Isacco

Math and Literature grds 6-8 20. Mrs. Karen Tessier ktessier@stjohnacademy.org
Music & Religion 6th 21. Miss. Maria Starrs mstarrs@stjohnacademy.org
Religion 8th Grade Boys 22. Mr. Daniel Kelley dkelley@stjohnacademy.org
Resource Program 23. Mrs. Regina Burke rburke@stjohnacademy.org
Science   24. Mrs. Anne Lortie alortie@stjohnacademy.org
Spanish 25. Mrs. Tamara Walder twalder@stjohnacademy.org


Registrar  1.    Registrar sjaregistrar@stjohnacademy.org
Office Manager   2.    Mrs. Gracia Escudero gescudero@stjohnacademy.org
School Nurse                    3.    Ms. Kelsey Bowker         kbowker@stjohnacademy.org
Pre-School & Pre-K Aides 4.     Mrs. Nancy Nugent

5.    Marilyn Gagliardo



Kindergarten Aide 6.    Mrs. Cristina Crowley ccrowley@stjohnacademy.org
Lower School and Extended Day 7.    Ms. Haley Lange

8.     Mr. Anthony Gagliardo

9.    Elizabeth Richardson (not extended day)




Middle School Aide 10. Capt. Smedberg tsmedberg@stjohnacademy.org
Library Aide 11.  Mrs. Annie Isacco aisacco@stjohnacademy.org

Other Staff

Director of Religious Education 1.    Laura Pennefather lpennefather@stjohncatholicmclean.org
Asstnt. Director of Religious Education 2.    Kathy Johnson kmj@stjohncatholicmclean.org
Director of Marketing and Development 3.    Mrs. Susie Mea smea@stjohncatholicmclean.org
Director of Maintenance 4.    Mr. John Balint jbalint@stjohncatholicmclean.org
Maintenance 5.    Alba Madrid
Maintenance 6.    Jorge Andrade
Band (Fridays only) 7.    Mr. Greg Stickeler gstickeler@gmail.com
Lunch Aide 8.    Mr. Bob Glover Glovehead1@yahoo.com
All around aide 9.    Mr. Richard Blanchard


Pastor :  Rev. Christopher Pollard

Parochial Vicar :  Rev. Scott Sina

Business Manager :  Mr. Brian Patterson