Headmaster at Saint John Academy

Dear St. John Academy Families,

On behalf of Fr. Pollard, and the entire Saint John Academy faculty and staff, I want to welcome you to our parish school community. I hope and pray this academic year will be enjoyable, enriching and enlightening for each of you.

For 62 years, St. John’s School has been promoting the faith, and educating the hearts, minds and souls of thousands of God’s precious children, as we assisted each to continuously grow in virtue. We will remain steadfast with our mission as we enter into School Year 2016-2017! We hope and pray your experience at Saint John’s this year will be nothing less than wonderful.

I would like to introduce the newest members of the SJA Team: Ms. Katherine Hammond, who will be teaching first grade; Ms. Jenna Gubbles who will be teaching our fourth grade students; and Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher, our new fifth grade teacher. New to our Junior High team are Ms. Rebecca Zwisler, who will be teaching language arts and Mrs. Karen Tessier who will be teaching math and literature to grades 6-8. Ms. Maria Starrs is our new  music teacher and Mrs. Tamara Walder is SJA’s new Spanish teacher. Mrs. Nancy Nugent joined the Prechool staff as an aide, and Anthony Gagliardo has joined the extended day staff as an aide.

Please reach out to us for any needs you may have, including questions for which you still need answers. We are here to serve you. For now, may your new year at St. John’s bring you unexpected joy and increased faith! We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

In Christ our Lord,

Michael Busekrus

Headmaster Saint John Academy