Pastor at Saint John Academy

Dear Friends in the Heart of Christ,

Thank you for making Saint John Academy so worthy of support. It actually is a simple formula. When your children are experiencing God, learning truth and having fun they are happy. And when your children are happy… well, life is good.

Fides, scientia, gaudium!
Faith, knowledge, joy!

I often think of the classrooms at Saint John’s as extensions of your homes, a place where great families and great teachers come together. And it is so easy to feel that the heart of Saint John Academy really is Jesus: School Mass, weekly confession, Friday Stations, rosary, question boxes for the priests, the servers, the choir, the Christmas Pageant, Eighth Grade Vocations Mass, Confirmation, First Penance, First Holy Communion, smiles and hugs, prayers and songs.

Every family and every heart needs grace. Every house and every school needs work. “Keeping things going” like a good pastor does means keeping things headed in the same direction, not keeping things from moving forward. As pastor of Saint John the Beloved, I hope to keep Saint John the Beloved Parish and Saint John Academy moving forward for many years to come. The history, the happenings and everything in the offing at SJA excite the mind.

In 2013 St. John’s celebrated 100 years of extending the mission of the Church and 2014 marked the 60th Anniversary of  Saint John Academy. We celebrated 60 years of serving the education apostolate of the Body of Christ. As Christians we celebrate every day that God made us to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven. What a blessing. What a mission.

Lets keep growing… ever more faithful to Christ and His Church, always deeper in knowledge and wisdom, gratitude and joy. I thank everyone past and present who has  worked so hard to make Saint John Academy the school that it is today. May God bless you!

Yours in Christ through Mary,

Rev. Christopher J. Pollard

Pastor of  St. John the Beloved Catholic Church