Download this message in pdf format here (Nov. 1 House Day)

This Friday, November 1 we will be celebrating the Feast of All Saints with a Saint John the Beloved
Academy House Day. Set in the peak beauty of Autumn and time of seasonal transition, it is
an important school day of memory and festivity. Some of the primary elements to bring into a
living memory and are cause for grand celebration include:

~ remembering our personal and magnanimous call to holiness and the truth of being beloved
children of God…
~ remembering the gift of dead but living holy men and women–saints–who heroically
struggled and willingly received God’s strength, and who remain our friends and advocates…
~ remembering the root feast of all Christian Feasts–Easter–and the root gifts of God’s
sacrifice and love that continue to defeat and transform death (and the little “deaths”, daily
crosses) into a path of Life.

You are invited to our All-School Mass which will take place at 9:00 a.m. After Mass our
students will finish house competitions in poetry, eat lunch together and participate in field
games for the afternoon. (You may catch recitals of the winning “bards” between 11-11:45.) All
of these activities accumulate points throughout the school year with the goal of winning the
House “Cup”.

Students received their house assignments during our assembly in October, (please contact
their teacher if they cannot remember their house).

Our new houses and their mottoes are:
House of Eagle: Inspiration (orange shirts)
House of Blue: Contemplation (blue shirts)
House of Omega: Wisdom (green shirts)
House of Alpha: Love (red shirts)

Students should wear their colored t-shirt from last year or a t-shirt from home that reects
their current house. Beautiful new t-shirts with house emblems have been ordered and will
arrive next month.

Students will be eating lunches with their respective houses. We are requesting that students
currently participating with pizza on Friday send in $3.00 to cover chips and ice cream.
Students that do not eat pizza may bring in $5.00 for that day and receive pizza, chips and ice

We are also looking for lunch volunteers for each house to help with the lunch hour
organization and festivity. Please contact or if you would like to help.

Happy Halloween and Feast of All Saints!

Best regards,
Jeffrey P. Presberg, Headmaster
Karen Tessier, Assistant Headmaster