Happy All Souls!

Looking back at a week (and month) just passing, we had quite a busy and festive week! Highlights include a beautiful Mass on the Feast of All Saints featuring great singing by our choir and work by our music teacher and director, Mrs. Dawn Kuker. (A special thanks to the talented Mr. James Senson who added to it all).

The week also featured very impressive presentations of a whole variety of saints from Mrs. Crowley’s 3rd graders–great job! Of course, All Hallow’s Eve had some fine weather–and for many of us–a whole mess of tricks and treats. The week began it’s conclusion with a beautiful night of jazz, which brings us to a special day, All Souls.

As we’ve discussed with many of our students, feasts are occasions for celebration and memory. November is a month set aside to remember our loved ones who have died (and yet mysteriously live), but the feasts call us to deeper remembering: such as what life is all about.

These great feasts remind us of our mortality and transcendence, of family and communities of all sorts (including with the loved and living “dead”), of our desires for meaning, ultimate joy, and eternity–and that these desires are not in vain.

Looking forward–as stores and our children will soon remind us–Thanksgiving and the feast of Christmas are in sight…but before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s enjoy this beautiful time of Autumn, Memory…and to keep going a’souling. (As some of the old traditions of Halloween and Christmas remind us–see below).


Jeffrey P. Presberg
Saint John Academy

P.S. In keeping with some of the above themes, you’ll find some reminders of old American film masters who still have something to offer…and a variety of things including a poem by Wendell Berry that the faculty discussed… (We’ll add some commentary for the poem next week.)