Saint John Academy PTO

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) strengthens St. John Academy by advancing the Headmaster’s initiatives and bringing together teachers and SJA families to support our school, get to know one another better, and have fun in the process. By enrolling your child at SJA you automatically become a PTO member and the school counts on your active participation.

The PTO fosters interaction between SJA families and the school. Helping out in the classroom, volunteering in the library, helping on our special school lunch days (Pizza Day and Chick-fil- A Day), funding a project, working with the Dad’s club, chairing a PTO committee, or assisting at a PTO social event, are all examples of PTO activities which rely upon your involvement.

The PTO provides many opportunities to jump in, help out, and score some volunteer hours. Every year there is a new pool of parents who we know have invaluable resources they could contribute, if asked. Well, we are asking you today. Please, step up to the plate and help us out. Do what you can, and have fun doing it!

PTO funds are earmarked to support back to school events, communication and preparation, as well as annual and special activities. We plan to continue and improve on these traditions – but only with your support.